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Better images of the Boards

We’ve scanned the Deuel County vision boards, so the slideshow below has much better images. You can also check out the boards and other photos from the Deuel County charrette on Flickr.

The theme of our charrette this year became “Deuelities.” A play on ‘Deuel’ and ‘Duality.’ A duality is a relationship between two things, where both are different, but something is shared. That’s pretty much what we saw and heard in Deuel–several individual communities with identities of their own, but connected by a commonality or shared space and culture. County boundaries are certainly just imaginary political lines, but Deuel County communities have an opportunity for bigger things by connecting and working together.


The Deuel County Vision Boards

Here’s a quick look at the final boards from Saturday’s presentation in Clear Lake, SD. It was an exhaustively beautiful charrette. Thanks to all who helped make it happen. We’ll be posting more about the charrette here and on the Reimagine Rural blog.

The images in this slideshow aren’t top quality. We’ll be scanning the boards and rebuilding a better slideshow soon. Until then, hope you enjoy these.
(We’ve updated the slideshow with higher quality images of the boards. Check it out here.)


The site of d:SD community 3 is official: design:SD will be heading to Deuel County, SD next. We’ll plan a community design charrette in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009 (we’ll figure out the date soon).It will be tricky–our first crack at a regional approach (at least three communities at once: Gary, Clear Lake and Lake Cochran).

We had our annual summer barbecue for the d:SD team in the Beddow’s backyard on July 24 (and managed to somehow pull it off without Mrs. Beddow!) and then a meeting with a local group from Deuel County earlier this week. We’ve officially accepted the invitation from Deuel County. Now comes the hard work for both of us! We’ll keep you posted!

our agenda from teh bbq--part work and part party!

our agenda from the bbq--part work and part party!


Deuel First Look

The fine folks in Deuel County, SD have invited the design:SD team for a visit. We’ve been dicussing holding a charrette in Deuel for a couple months now, and this “pre-visit” will help us in making that decision.

All-in-all, nine d:SD team members made the trek on July 8. Led by our official tour guide, d:SD founding team member Jim Beddow, we visited a few sites in and around Gary, SD and then headed toward Clear Lake to visit that town and a City park at it’s nearby namesake. See more photos from the trip here.


The Sisseton Boards

We’ll be bringing the laminated concept boards back to the folks in Sisseton next week. Below is the final presentation we used last month. You can see a bunch of pictures from design:SD Project Sisseton here.


Design:SD Going to Sisseton


That’s John Rassmussen and a bunch of our new friends in Sisseton, South Dakota. Three Design:South Dakota team members made a trip to Sisseton to visit with the local folks about preparing to host us for a two-plus day charrette in April. We took a wonderfully hosted tour of the community (and even got to climb the tower in the foggy cold). Looks like a great community and an organized steering committee, so half the battle is won. We’re all looking forward to this charrette!

vacant-school-small.jpg tower-small.jpg sissetonpwsd-1.jpg


Next Stop: Sisseton


It’s official: Design:SD will be hosting a charrette in Sisseton, SD April 2-4, 2008. Sisseton is a community in Roberts County, located in the Sisseton-Wahpeton Reservation in the northeast corner of our state. The folks there are pretty serious about their future–they’ve participated in two Community Assessments in the area (read the reports here and here), and are putting the finishing touches on a strategic community plan as participants in the Northwest Area Foundation‘s Horizons program (read the Sisseton Horizon’s blog here). You can learn about the Sisseton area’s culture and history here.

If you are interested in joining hte design:SD team for our Sisseton charrette, just contact Joe Bartmann at The Rural Learning Center by email: joe.bartmann [at] rlcenter [dot] net. Hope to see you there!