High School Class Helps Out Design Team

Since Corsica will become the first ever design: SD community, the CHS Senior English class is using this unique opportunity to be involved in something that matters to their community, while meeting academic standards. By participating in this kind of real world education, CHS seniors discover first hand how important research, writing, and communication skills are to the success of this project.

The seniors are responsible for creating survey questions and for collecting data that will be important to the design team in helping the community create its vision. Collecting data through survey questions and discussion, attending design team and community meetings along with photographing various points of interest around Corsica are just a few ways CHS seniors are contributing to this project. Meeting deadlines, utilizing technology, and working with a wide variety of professional people is a great way to experience the real world while giving helping their community.

To help gather community input the CHS seniors have created an online survey. To give your ideas and input to the design team please click here. The preliminary results of the survey will be reported by the students at the “Dessert and Design” gathering on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00pm in the Corsica grade school gym.

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