Douglas County Commissioners hear about design:SD


Jim Beddow and I visited about the design:SD project with the Douglas County Commissioners in Armour yesterday morning. We talked about the regional impact the project can make, and particularly about transportation routes and Corsica Lake.

We also had lunch with leaders of the Armour Horizons project at the Blue Moon, and met with Nancy Barrick at the Conservation District. Nancy provided some great watershed maps for the team, and we signed her up for a presentation during the charrette. The Horizons team has done some great work in Armour, and we invited them to take part in design:SD too.

This may be a great opportunity to point something out–design:SD Project Corsica is not just about Corsica, SD!!The team will provide an outside look at the whole region, including all of Douglas County. There are many treasures and assets in Douglas County that don’t just belong to Corsica folks, so it’s great to get the Commissioners and the Armour Horizons program into the mix.

Thanks for the hospitality, Armour!

By the way, comments are always open and welcome. Just share your thoughts or ideas by clicking on “COMMENTS.”

Joe Bartmann, The Rural Learning Center


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