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Corsica Schedule

The design:SD planning team has tied up the loose ends on the schedule for May 16-19 in Corsica. You can see a color-coded schedule by clicking the picture below. Don’t forget the Official Kickoff event on April 24!

design SD schedule thumb

design South Dakota Corsica Schedule


High School Class Helps Out Design Team

Since Corsica will become the first ever design: SD community, the CHS Senior English class is using this unique opportunity to be involved in something that matters to their community, while meeting academic standards. By participating in this kind of real world education, CHS seniors discover first hand how important research, writing, and communication skills are to the success of this project.

The seniors are responsible for creating survey questions and for collecting data that will be important to the design team in helping the community create its vision. Collecting data through survey questions and discussion, attending design team and community meetings along with photographing various points of interest around Corsica are just a few ways CHS seniors are contributing to this project. Meeting deadlines, utilizing technology, and working with a wide variety of professional people is a great way to experience the real world while giving helping their community.

To help gather community input the CHS seniors have created an online survey. To give your ideas and input to the design team please click here. The preliminary results of the survey will be reported by the students at the “Dessert and Design” gathering on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00pm in the Corsica grade school gym.


“Dessert and Design” Event Kicks Off design:SD Project

Tuesday, April 24th will mark the official local kickoff for design:SD, Project Corsica. Please join members of the South Dakota design team for an evening of “Dessert and Design” from 7:00 to 8:30pm on April 24th in the Corsica grade school gym. The evening gathering begins the three week countdown to the design:SD event that will be held May 16-19. Dessert and coffee will be served while the design team describes the project and what it means for the Corsica region. Area residents will discuss what ideas and dreams they have for the future of the Corsica region. Those ideas will help create the foundation of the design team’s visit in May.

Corsica and the surrounding region is the first-ever design:SD project community. The event will draw 20-30 professionals from all walks of design and community development to the region to visually express local dreams for the future. The design team will spend three intense days in the area learning, listening, and drawing what locals want the community and region to look like in years to come. The design event will help people of the Corsica region dream about the future, with special emphasis on the importance of design in building a vision we can all share.

The success of design:SD, Project Corsica relies on your involvement in the process. Please join members of the design team on Tuesday, April 24th to learn more about becoming involved in this special event. To view the flyer, click here.


Douglas County Commissioners hear about design:SD


Jim Beddow and I visited about the design:SD project with the Douglas County Commissioners in Armour yesterday morning. We talked about the regional impact the project can make, and particularly about transportation routes and Corsica Lake.

We also had lunch with leaders of the Armour Horizons project at the Blue Moon, and met with Nancy Barrick at the Conservation District. Nancy provided some great watershed maps for the team, and we signed her up for a presentation during the charrette. The Horizons team has done some great work in Armour, and we invited them to take part in design:SD too.

This may be a great opportunity to point something out–design:SD Project Corsica is not just about Corsica, SD!!The team will provide an outside look at the whole region, including all of Douglas County. There are many treasures and assets in Douglas County that don’t just belong to Corsica folks, so it’s great to get the Commissioners and the Armour Horizons program into the mix.

Thanks for the hospitality, Armour!

By the way, comments are always open and welcome. Just share your thoughts or ideas by clicking on “COMMENTS.”

Joe Bartmann, The Rural Learning Center


Planning Team members visit Milan, Minnesota


Eric Ambroson (pictured above, left) from Planning District III and I joined the Minnesota Design Team on their visit to the small town of Milan, MN (population 350) this past weekend. The visit was super! We gained invaluable experience that will help us launch design:SD here in our home state, and had the opportunity to help a remarkable little village. We also met and worked with 13 new friends on the MDT.

Big thanks to our new friends across the border for taking us in and treating us like locals, and a special thanks to my host in Milan, Joel Lund.

Joe Bartmann, The Rural Learning Center